Download Video: WWE SmackDown (Sep-12-2017) Highlights

The show opened with Kevin Owens in the ring. He said he didn’t strike back against Shane McMahon last week because he respects authority.F7PHHK.jpg

He said he is suing everyone in WWE, then talked about some of the changes he would make when the lawsuits were all settled. He wanted to cut to the chase and called out Mr. McMahon. Shane McMahon’s music played, but Dolph Ziggler came out, mocking Shane’s entrance. Dolph left and then Daniel Bryan entered. Bryan said Mr. McMahon would be here soon, but Owens won’t like what he has to say. Owens retorted that Mr. McMahon won’t like what HE has to say, and departed.

1. United States Championship Match: AJ Styles (c) defeated Tye Dillinger.Baron Corbin came to ringside and jumped up on the apron during the match, but Styles hit him with the Phenomenal Forearm before he could interfere. Styles kicked out of the Tye Breaker and locked in the Calf Crusher to get the submission victory.

– After the match, Corbin laid out both Styles and Dillinger and announced he would be answering Styles’ United States Open Challenge next week.

– Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers came to the ring. Mahal mocked Shinsuke Nakamura, using a lot of racial insults. He said this was a taste of how the WWE fans will treat Nakamura if he were to become WWE Champion. He said it isn’t worth it, and recommended Nakamura just walk away.
2. Smackdown Tag Team Championship Las Vegas Street Fight: The New Day defeated The Usos (c). Jey Uso went off the top rope through a table on the outside, allowing Big E and Kofi Kingston to hit the Midnight Hour on Jimmy Uso and get the pinfall to become new tag champs.

3. Smackdown Women’s Championship Match: Natalya (c) defeated Naomi. Carmella sat in on commentary for this match. During the match, Natalya got sent to the outside and Carmella taunted her. Naomi came off the top rope to the outside, but Natalya dodged and Naomi landed on both Carmella and James Ellsworth. Natalya sent Naomi into the post, then rolled her back in the ring and locked in the Sharpshooter, forcing Naomi to tap out.

– Dolph Ziggler came out and once again insulted the fans for only liking gimmicks and elaborate entrances. He mocked the entrances of Bayley and Ultimate Warrior, then said anyone can do those entrances, but no one can do what he does in the ring. The fans couldn’t care less, but he couldn’t care less about the fans.

4. Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable defeated the Hype Bros. Gable pinned Zack Ryder after he and Benjamin hit a modified Doomsday Device/powerbomb combo. Ryder refused to join Mojo Rawley in a respectful handshake with their opponents after the match.

– Vince McMahon came to the ring to meet with Kevin Owens. McMahon said he was nauseated, and said Owens didn’t fight back against Shane because he couldn’t because he was getting his ass kicked. Vince threatened to fire Owens if he went through with his lawsuit, and threatened to bankrupt him. Vince said he suspended Shane, not because he laid he hands on Owens, but because he didn’t finish the job.

McMahon said when Owens insulted the McMahons, he got what he deserved. He said there isn’t going to be a lawsuit, there’s going to be a match, and it’s going to be between Shane and Owens inside Hell in a Cell. Owens agreed, provided that, if provoked, he has the okay to beat a McMahon senseless. Vince agreed, and shook Owens’ hand.

Owens then delivered a headbutt that split Vince open, and said he’d been given the authority to beat a McMahon senseless. Then he punted McMahon in the midsection as referees attempted to help. As McMahon struggled to his feet, Owens delivered a superkick, then tossed the referees and went for a frog splash. Adam Pearce attempted to prevent it, but Owens delivered the frog splash anyway before finally leaving.

As McMahon was being helped out of the ring, Stephanie McMahon emerged to help and stared down Owens on her way to the ring.




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